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Affordable stay at Siddharta Boutique Hotel in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siddharta Boutique Hotel
Hotel Address: Jean Commailles Road, Cambodia

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Average rate: USD 80


Located in a quiet area between the Siem Reap town centre and the Angkor temples, Siddharta Boutique Hotel offers spacious rooms, a large saltwater pool in a tropical garden, spacious sitting areas and a restaurant with views over the Cambodian countryside.

Tuk-tuks, remorks or Cambodian moto-trailers are an increasingly popular way of getting around town and exploring the temples of Angkor. Book two nights or more at Siddhartha Boutique Hotel and you will get your own personal tuk-tuk driver (one day per nights stay) and two-way airport transfer included in the rate.

Please make sure to include your arrival details at the time of booking.

Attractions near Siddharta Boutique Hotel

Siddhartha Boutique Hotel is located in a quiet area between the Siem Reap town centre and the temples of Angkor.

Getting there:

Siddharta Boutique Hotel offers free pick-up on arrival. Please advise your arrival details at the time of booking to make use of this service.

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