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Affordable stay at Hotel Kovaci in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hotel Kovaci
Hotel Address: Kovaci 12, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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This is a new hotel built in 2008 in the heart of Bascarsija, at the center of all the major events in the city. If you would like to experience a mixture of traditional and modern, 15th century buildings and 21st century night life, streets filled with people, caff├ęs and tourists and tranquil nature, you are at the right place.

All around our hotel are traditional restaurants and their famous meals cevapi and burek. Very close to the hotel are also tram and taxi stops, post office, market, souvenir shops, hair dressers, etc."alt"

Attractions near Hotel Kovaci

The hotel is 15 meters from Sebilj, the pigeon square in the center of Bascarsija."alt"

Getting there:

The hotel is 15 meters from Sebilj, the pigeon square in the center of Bascarsija.

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