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Affordable stay at Santa Teresa Hotel in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Santa Teresa Hotel
Hotel Address: Rua Almirante Alexandrino, , Brazil

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The hotel has 44 personalised rooms ranging in size from 27 to 120 sq m. Other prominent features include patios, gardens and terraces. A large number of rooms have balconies with panoramic views over the Guanabara Bay, of the Teresópolis Mountains and the statue of Christ the Redeemer. Furniture and artefacts from Brazilian artists and designers such as Sérgio Rodriguez, Zemog, Studio Vitty, Rock Lane, Carassa and Oficina de Agosto reflect the strong Brazilian flavour of the interior design.

Attractions near Santa Teresa Hotel

The hotel Santa Teresa, overlooking the Guanabara Bay, is located 50 meters above the Largo dos Guimarães, the main plaza of Santa Teresa, where most of the traditional bars and restaurants of the neighbourhood are located. Over the tracks of the last historic trolley of Rio, access from the hotel to the historic centre and Lapa is direct and simple and takes only five minutes.

Getting there:

If you are driving from Rio de Janeiro International Airport:

  • You have to take "Linha Vermelha" (Red Line Highway), which is a small highway, towards the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, noble part of Rio de Janeiro
  • Follow the signs right through to Copacabana (famous district of Rio de Janeiro that surrounds the sea.), green boards in the way
  • Keep the ocean on your left as you go. You will pass by the Docs, Rio de Janeiro Downtown (on the right).
  • Continue onto Av. Aterro do Flamengo/Av. Infante Dom Henrique 1.2 km, Exit onto Av. Beira Mar 130 m
  • Keep left at the fork to continue toward Praça Paris 250 m, turn left at Praça Paris     89 m, continue onto Lrg. da Glória 170 m, turn right at R. Benjamim Constant 400 m, take the 1st left onto R. do Fialho 76 m
  • Take the 1st right onto R. Santa Cristina 450 m, take the 2nd right to stay on R. Santa Cristina 180 m, turn left at R. Alm. Alexandrino 130 m, slight left to stay on R. Alm. Alexandrino, 200 m, is the Santa Teresa Hotel (R. Alm. Alexandrino, 660 - Santa Teresa)

Para chegar do aeroporto a avenida atlântica, no Rio de Janeiro solicite o seguinte:

  • Pegue a "Linha Vermelha" (Red Line Highway), em direção à Zona Sul do Rio de Janeiro, que faz parte nobre do Rio de Janeiro.

  • Siga as indicações para a direita através de Copacabana. Mantenha o oceano à sua esquerda na direção que você vai.

  • Você passará pelo porto do Rio, você verá o Centro da cidade (à direita),Continue para Av. Aterro do Flamengo/Av. Infante Dom Henrique 1,2 km, sair na Av. Beira Mar 130 m, mantenha-se à esquerda na bifurcação para continuar em direção à Praça Paris 250 m, vire à esquerda na Praça Paris 89 m

  • Continue para Lrg. da Glória 170 m, vire à direita na R. Benjamim Constant     400 m, pegue a primeira à esquerda para pegar a R. do Fialho 76 m, pegue a primeira à direita em R. Santa Cristina 450 m

  • Pegue a segunda à direita para permanecer na R. Santa Cristina 180 m, vire à esquerda na R. Alm. Alexandrino 130 m, curva suave à esquerda para permanecer na R. Alm. Alexandrino 200 m    

  • O Santa teresa Hotel fica na R. Alm. Alexandrino, 660 - Santa Teresa - Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20241-260, Brasil


Amenities in Santa Teresa Hotel

A five-star-efficient staff, with more than 50 employees for only 44 rooms, guarantees the well-being of each guest and exclusivity in the service.

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