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Affordable stay at Tika Wasi Valley Hotel in Ollantaytambo, Peru

Tika Wasi Valley Hotel
Hotel Address: La convención strett w/n - Ollantaytambo town, Peru

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Average rate: USD 35


Ollantaytambo has a beautiful archaeological worship sites from Inca times. The Tika Wasi, which means "Flower House", will allow you to spend as much time as needed to see all the surrounding sights like the handicraft plaza and archaeological sites.

Accommodation at Tika Wasi hostal offer two choices from standard to comfort rooms; however, the truth is that amenities make the difference from one type to another (bottled water, chocolates and soap).

The hotel also has a beautiful open patio, or you could spend your time walking around the town to take in the ancient constructions and water channels running since Inca times, a very unique experience indeed.

Attractions near Tika Wasi Valley Hotel

Tika Wasi Hostal is located on Convencion Street right in front of the church.

Getting there:

Ollantaytambo town is located 94 kilometers from Cusco; follow the highway to Urubamba and continue to Ollantaytambo, when you get there ask for the church and in front is found the Tika Wasi Hostal.

Tika Wasi Hostal esta Ubicado en el pueblo de Ollantaytambo, a 94 kilometros de la ciudad de Cusco, donde estan los termianles aereos y terrestres. Para llegar deberas de salir de la ciudad por la autopista rumbo a Urubamba y continuar hasta Ollataytambo, al llegar pregunta por la iglesia del pueblo y notaras que el hostal esta frente a ella.


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