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Affordable stay at The Gizo Hotel in Gizo, Solomon Islands

The Gizo Hotel
Hotel Address: Gizo, Western Province, Solomon Islands

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Situated opposite the arrival wharf on Gizo's waterfront and adjacent to the market, the Gizo Hotel is an ideal launhing pad for those seeking the adventure and excitement the Western Province has to offer.

The hotel's 51 rooms surround a beautifully landscaped swimming pool and is a convenient jumping off point for those who wish to explore the beauty of the surrounding reefs and atolls.

Attractions near The Gizo Hotel

The Gizo Hotel is centrally located opposite the arrival wharf on Gizo's waterfront and adjacent to the market.

Getting there:

Solomon Airlines fly from Honiara to Nusatupe Airfield on Nusatupe Island. Boat transfers  cost $60 SBD per person to the Hotel wharf in Gizo. Passenger boats from Honiara and other destinations arrive at the Government Wharf opposite the Gizo Hotel . Upon arrival at the Gizo wharf, walk straight ahead and the hotel's entrance is on the opposite side of the road.

Amenities in The Gizo Hotel

The Nguzu Nguzu Restaurant and bar are found on the upper level of a large, open air Leaf Haus that overlooks Gizo Harbour and is graced by gentle breezes throughout the day and evening. The restaurant specializes in serving the freshest local seafood accompanied with regular island dances. Downstairs, the hotel's popular Local Carvers Bar offers the chance to mix with locals while enjoying a cold Solbrew.

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