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Affordable stay at Damascene Palace Hotel in Damascus, Syria

Damascene Palace Hotel
Hotel Address: Old Damascus Area, Syria

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A tranquil home in the heart of Old Damascus, Damascene Palace has the warmth and antiquity for one to always remember! The gorgeous mosaic furniture, the remarkable marble floor, the beautiful orange courtyard tree, and Arabian aroma here give this ornate palace its Damascene spontaneity. The bedrooms here are decorated with radiant colors that give it a heartwarming damascene hue. The alley where Damascene Palace is situated at is where the famous “Bab Al Hara” TV show was casted on. 

Attractions near Damascene Palace Hotel

Damascene Palace Hotel, Medhat Pasha Road, Old Damascus, Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic

Getting there:

When one walks in the Medhat Pasha Road he will find a large gallery with a gigantic wooden door called "Khan Gallery". Upon reaching this khan he will find a sign next to it on the wooden door's left which directs one to Damascene Palace Hotel. This sign directs one to an alley called Villa Moda Alley; after walking to the end of the alley one will find a grocery shop. Behind (to the right side) of this grocery shop, Damascene Palace Hotel is easily found. This hotel is next to Hammam Al-Nasri.

 فندق قصر الشامي، حارت فيلا مودا، قريب من الخان بطريق مدحت باشا، دمشق القديمة: دمشق، الجمهورية العربية السورية

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