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Be first in Google Search

Did you ever try to find your hotel in Google?

Fact #1: More and more people come to your hotel through the Internet search. Fact #2: Google has ~85% of the search market, and as such, should be the target of your marketing activities. Now, comes the question: when you type in 'Hotels in MYCITY', where do you find your hotel website? Is it page 1, or page 101? As is known, a normal user would only surf through the first two pages of Google results, then s/he get tired and bored. It is, therefore, vitally important to be as close to the first page results as possible. How can this be done? Read the following paragraph.

List your hotel for free at and get a dual benefit: 1) your hotel page will rank high in the search engines 2) you will receive a direct link to your hotel website.

Typical hotel website

Is your hotel website suitable to rank 1st in Google?

Most often, it is not. Your hotel website is likely to rank high or even first when Internet users google for the name of your hotel directly. But how do they know your name in the first place? It is more likely that they will search for 'Hotels in CITY', or 'List of hotels in CITY', or 'cheap 3 star hotels in CITY' to get the list of properties in your location. If you try to do such searches, you will be surprised to see that all rankings are taken by hotel consolidators, or websites which offer numerous hotels for booking. It is almost impossible to compete with those websites.

What should then a hotel owner do? The answer is simple: you need to list your hotel in as many hotel booking websites and directories as possible. Preferably, your listing should be good quality, making your hotel stand out of the crowd, with good description, photos, etc. offers you an opportunity to list your hotel 100% free of charge. Also, you have an option of the Featured Listing, where you hotel is always the first in the list of competitors. See Regular and Featured listings at

Show your hotel easily on Google Map

Why is it important to show your hotel on map?

Have you ever tried to book a hotel online? If yes, then you probably remember the two crucial things you had in mind while surfing the web: Rates and Location. Rates are always shown, it is probably the first thing hotel managers think about when they publish their hotel. Location is often paid less attention. This is a very serious fallacy, because, according to some experts, over 50% of hotel visitors look for a hotel near a specific location, landmark or attraction, such as airport, railway station, convention center where an event is planned. etc. A failure to tell your potential visitor that your hotel is so close to this location may result in a lost client.

Add your hotel to and in minutes you can have a map with your hotel on it. All you need to do is to identify your geographic location coordinates. Use the simple manual at our page How to get geo coordinates. Then, under your acccount, on the hotel form page, just add your Longitude and Latitude. Register now to start adding your hotel data and creating a map for your hotel.

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