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All these people can be your clients

Why hoteliers add their hotels to the Earth Hotels directory

Listing a hotel at gives a hotelier a dual benefit: 1) the created hotel page will rank high in the search engine such as Google because of the authority has, and visitors are more likely to find your hotel among others in your city and see all info about it right away. Having reviewed the information, such a visitor is likely to click on the direct link to your website and make a direct booking. 2) Due to the direct link from, your hotel website itself gets more authority and subsequently will rank higher in search engines increasing the traffic to your website and number of successful bookings.

Booking through the Web

Are Internet-based bookings important for your business?

In times of economic slowdown, hotel visitors are more willing to look for cheaper solutions when they are to book a hotel for their vacation. With the fast development of Internet, online solutions available are so convenient that only require several mouse clicks and use of plastic money to make an instant booking. The hoteliers who neglect this channel of clients and bookings will sooner or later realize how wrong they were and will have to catch up with the competition which may be far ahead by then. See two articles about Internet-based hotel booking: Online booking on a feverish pitch and Online travel bookings versus offline travel bookings to get more ideas.

Show your hotel easily on Google Map

Is it important to have a map on your website?

It is now hard to find a hotel without a website. Being the easiest and cost-saving way to tell people about your property, the online presence is an important channel of business for every knowledgeable hotel manager. Yet, so many hotel businesses still lack a map on their website. Adding one may require some technical skills, or hiring a webmaster who would create the map. Because of this many hoteliers get easily scared off.

You can, however, save on this if you add your hotel to and spare a few minutes to create a built-in map for it. It will take only a couple of minutes to create the map. All you need to do is to identify your geographic location coordinates. Use the simple manual at our page How to get geo coordinates. Then, under your acccount, on the hotel form page, just add your Longitude and Latitude. Register now to start adding your hotel data and creating a map for your hotel.

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