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How big hotel booking systems promote themselves on the web

Everyone in the hotel industry wants a piece of the internet traffic because more traffic means more leads, more bookings and sales. Including the biggest hotel industry intermediaries such as the Their whole business is built on web sales and even a small percentage increase in the number of visitors to the website would probably mean hundreds of thousands or even million dollars in revenue. Could be a good incentive to think large.

Read more about how goes to social networks.

Google Places for hoteliers

Google Places and hotel business

It has been more than 10 yeast that the Internet has become an important source of clientelle for the travel industry and hotel owners. Still, so many of the hoteliers believe it is enough just to spend some money on creating a hotel website with a nice looking design. They do so and then often forget about it. What if we say it was just a first step and a good hotel marketer needs to become familiar with such things as SERP, web promotion etc? Below is a valuable link to an article about Google places for hoteliers and how this can help promote your hotel.

Video on website

Video on your website

Ever thought of making your website more effective, content-rich and 'stickier'? You probably already have what every single hotel website has: a welcome page, description of rooms, additional facilities, for example, a restaurant or bar or fitness center, and, of course, a contact page with telephone and fax number, email or booking form. But what do you have to make a difference and stand out of the crowd? Read an article with great tips why a video would be a great addition to your website and how to measure if dollars spent pay back.

Or, you can go even further and create a 'Channel' on Youtube to post your most recent videos. See, for example, such a channel by a famous May Fair hotel in London.

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