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3D Television

Is it worth buying a 3D TV for your rooms?

As technology develops, hotel owners face new challenges to meet growing expectations of guests. Now the latest trend is to have 3D TV sets. It is known that to watch such a TV you would need a pair of special glasses and they give you the illusion of picture depth and actual presence. What are, however, the drawbacks of the new technology and related economic and usage costs? Read How 3D TVs fit guestrooms to know more details.

Google Map with Hotel Search

Google makes the first step into travel business

After so many years of domination in almost every Internet sector but travel, Google has made an experiment to cautiously enter this business by adding a service within their Google Maps. It allows surfers to see hotel prices for locations they view on the maps. Even though the hotels seem to be limited to those participating in Google's pay-per-click programs, some major players have seen this as an obvious and clear sign that the search giant plans to grab its portion of the market. More thoughts on that plus some comments of travel specialists can be found at Google Maps adds hotel search and pricing, panic and confusion assured.

All different in their own way

Does your hotel have a competitive advantage?

A bit academic yet quite interesting article of a University professor in marketing strategies on competitive advantages hotels may have or develop to outdo the competition. The first thing to be done is to ask yourself the six vital questions and fully realize if the advantages are there and how they can be sustained. Read 6 questions to determine competitive advantage by Cathy A. Enz is the Lewis G. Schaeneman Jr. Professor of Innovation and Dynamic Management and a full professor in strategy at Cornell University.

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