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  Question of the day: What if you tell you clients that they can stay in your hotel for free?

A great opportunity to attract and retain clients

New Travel Lottery: tell you guests that they can come and stay free of charge

Now you can win a decisive advantage over your competition by offering your visitors something nobody else does: a free stay! This new opportunity comes with the Travel Lottery launched by The idea is simple: a visitor coming to your website to book your hotel is invited to spare a minute to fill in a small form containing email address, name and checkin date. After that s/he continues the booking, pays the money to your hotel as usual and has a nice stay. This client then participates in our lottery and the winner will receive a full or partial compensation for the amount spent in your hotel.

As hotel owner, it costs you nothing! All you need to do is to place a small lottery banner onto your website. See how it looks on our Banner Options page. The guest does not have to spend a single cent either except the booking cost itself (paid directly to hotel). will in fact pay to the winning guest to cover expenses related to staying in your hotel!

Again, as a hotel owner, you will not need to spend any money or do any work. Just put the piece of code onto your website so that visitors can see it (the code can be found on the Banner Options page) and enjoy the fun!

Read more about this exciting opportunity on the Lottery Description page. Don't miss this excellent chance to capture more clients through your website with zero investment required.

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