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  Question of the day: How much of your hotel marketing budget is spent on Internet Promotion? How about your competition?

Use the power of Web

Is your website properly designed to earn you more?

As every advanced hotelier now has a hotel website featuring its services, rates, location and other things that might attract a visitor, the competition emerged not only among hotels in a certain area, but also among their websites in the Internet. Whose website is best to attract and retain visitors and turn visitors into clients? Now, it is time to look at your website and answer the question: is it now one of my important sales channels? If not sure, read the article Production Benchmarks for Your Hotelís Website to learn what criteria are used to estimate its effectiveness.

As a valuable step in your online marketing campaign, list your hotel for free at and get several benefits: 1) your hotel page will rank high in the search engines 2) you will receive a direct link to your hotel website 3) people will be able to book your hotel from various sources, not just your own website.

Using blogs as advertising tool

Be a hotelier PLUS a web designer yourself!

Most of hoteliers outsource the creation and maitenance of their hotel website. This is quite understandable as this activity requires certain skills and technical knowledge, time and dedication. But as soon as your brochure-like website is done and published, you will probably face another challenge: how to add more content to my website? How to tell clients that we at the hotel have new services, great additions, etc. In other words, how to share the news which in the long run influence their minds to stay with you? There are many technical solutions to address this problem, from setting up your own CMS (content management system) to creating your hotel blog. The latter, in our opinion, is a great idea!

Setting up a blog is simple for any web user. Even a kid can do it. See for example,, a blog service by Google, or

What are the advantages of having a hotel blog? First, you will be able to write about your hotel as much as you want. You can devote a post to each aspect of your property, such as, for example, rooms, furniture, the swimming pool, dining etc. You can publish photos as well. Secondly, a great thing about the blog is that you can modify your posts at any time when someting new comes to your mind.

An important thing is to link your hotel blog from your website. Then, people who come to visit your website will be able to read the latest news, see pictures and even leave comments about them - a great source of feedback.

Thirdly, another good idea is to use your blog for internet promotion. From it, you can run a link exchange, linking easily to other websites you liked. Or, you can write articles promoting your city or about a local attraction which brings tourists to your place. Such an article will emerge in search engines and visitors will see your hotel link next to the content-rich article. offers you an opportunity to list your hotel 100% free of charge. Also, you have an option of the Featured Listing, where you hotel is always the first in the list of competitors. See Regular and Featured listings at

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