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Dubai: the Shopping Capital of the Middle East

Dubai is one of the most successful emirates which constitute the UAE. The picturesque place near the Persian Gulf has already become an important attraction for tourists. It is interesting to visit old Arab buildings in Bastakiya district, the old quarters of Deira, ancient wind towers in the Market Area and Shindaga, modern wind towers of the Government House, Burj Nahar and Burj Shindaga watch towers, Deira Tower, Dubai Historical Museum at Fort Al Fahidi, Palace of Sheikh Zayed, Historical Museum Village, the Village of Pearl Divers in the area of Shindaga, and the ethnographic village of Al-Boom in the southern part of the Creek Side Park. The true hallmark of the city is the 39-storey Dubai World Trade Centre which houses the offices of the largest trading companies and the largest trade shows in the country.

Once a year, Dubai becomes the venue for the world's largest shopping festival which attracts more than 2 million visitors. No less interesting is the unique building - the world's highest hotel Burj Al Arab. The Burj Al Arab is the first 7 star hotel, and so far the tallest hotel building. It has become the symbol of Dubai, and one of its most memorable landmarks.

Dubai is famous for its numerous mosques, among which the tourists are interested in Jumeirah Mosque, Ibrahim Al-Kalil, the mosque of Rashid Hospital, and the Grand Mosque with a 70-meter minaret near the Old Market. Also, the eastern part of Dubai has an abundance of shopping centers and a large number of diverse shops where one can buy everything without exception - from electronics to fashionable attire.

Over the past 30 years, the emirate Dubai has transformed a lot. Architectural innovations have changed its appearance to become a fashionable modern metropolis. Skyscrapers on Sheikh Zayed Road, which is the most prestigious street of Dubai, convey a sense of a European city. The silvery gray Emirates Towers make the street unlike any other in the world. The towers are among the tallest buildings in the Middle East, reaching the height of 350 meters. Located near the World Trade Center in Dubai, it is the place for exhibitions, conferences, and seminars.

The Dynamic Tower of Dubai is a revolutionary project of a moving building to be successfully realized in the world. Its height is about 420 meters, with the number of floors reaching 80. On the contrary, the old Bastakiya district in Dubai is a step into the past - into the era before electric light and air conditioning. It is a site illustrating old Dubai with its narrow streets and numerous wind-towers, old watch towers, a busy market and a meeting-point of cultures. The buildings around are all museums, galleries and restaurants.

Dubai is in the centre of public attention because of numerous innovative projects, bold architectural decisions and large sports events. Shopping, ancient and modern artifacts are a magnet for tourists. With its numerous shopping malls, Dubai is often called the "shopping capital", and in many stores one can easily negotiate the price.

Dubai beaches are widely known in the world. They are surrounded by a network of hotels and private clubs adding more comfort to a splendid rest in the Arabian Gulf. Dubai is also known for its impressive projects. The Palm Islands are the largest man-made islands in the world representing the shape of palm trees. The project took four years of careful planning and exhaustive building. Another example of man-made landscapes is the World Islands archipelago of 300 islands constructed in the form of a world map.