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Boston: The Symbol of American Glory

The capital of Massachusetts attracts the attention of thousands of tourists every year. It is not surprising since Boston is the birthplace of the American Revolution, it was from here that the soldiers went to war against Britain for independence. In addition to the places associated with U.S. history, Boston boasts the most interesting monuments of art and culture, beautiful parks, good shopping venues and good restaurants.

The main tourist route is called Freedom Trail, and it is a four-kilometer long route, crossing the center of Boston and connecting the 16 important historical attractions. Freedom Trail begins in Boston Common park, the oldest public park in the United States on whose territory there was a British camp in 1775-1776. The information center of the park provides tourists with a brochure that helps them map the Freedom Trail. From the park, the trail goes on to the State House built immediately after the proclamation of the independence of America.

The tourists pass the church Park Street Church, where the first words condemning slavery were said by William Lloyd Garrison in 1829. Near the church cemetery there is the Old Granary Burial Ground located where the revolutionaries are buried, with their signatures under the Declaration of Independence. A little farther is the First Public School in America, opened in 1635. It was attended by some of the founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin in particular. The route leads to Washington Street which is good for organizing meetings of protest, with the idea of ??the famous "Boston Tea Party" boycott originating from this place. The building of the Old State House was the place which housed the British colonial authorities.

The main routes run along the building Faneuil Hall, with its ground floor featuring the market and the first meeting of the revolutionaries. The park near Faneuil Hall is located in the oldest part of Boston. Here lived the silversmith Paul Revere, who is believed to have been riding a horse all night in 1755 to warn the townspeople about the attack of the British.

The official name of the famous Boston market sounds like Quincy Market Faneuil Hall Marketplace, however, most people call it the Boston Quincy Market on behalf of Mayor Josh Quincy who built the venue in the 19th century. Today, it is a place where you can relax, sit in a cafe or restaurant, and go shopping. Quincy Market has some restaurants which offer cuisine of different countries of the world: from Mexican tacos and Greek mussaki and Italian pasta to yoghurt, ice cream, and fried sausages. On both sides of the place there are souvenir shops with T-shirts, photographs of Boston and various trinkets. In addition, here is a typical restaurant in the spirit of New England, Durgin Park, featuring a straightforward and traditional interior. On the north side there is a colorful flower market.

Near Boston there is a small town of Brookline, the birthplace of John F. Kennedy. The tour around the museum of JFK in Boston starts with a fifteen minutes movie, in which JFK himself tells about his childhood, school years, the war and political career. Among other things, here one can see Kennedy during a debate with Nixon, as well as hear Kennedy's inaugural speech.

When in Boston, many also visit the open-air museum and observe its main exhibit - "Mayflower II" - a replica of that first ship which was crossing the ocean in the distant 1620. Thus the city offers a wide range of attractions to satisfy tourists' demands and provide them with a rest both meaningful and memorable.