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Tokyo is the largest city in the world, which surprisingly combines carefully guarded ancient temples and buildings with modern skyscrapers. Tokyo is impossible to describe in a few words. The capital of Japan is huge and has many faces. On the one hand, this city is the embodiment of ancient Japanese traditions, but on the other hand, it is a super-modern business metropolis. Tokyo has grown from a fishing village controlled by shoguns, the rulers of Japan. The tourists can easily feel the atmosphere of old Tokyo, visit numerous palaces, temples, and shrines. Lovers of art and culture will visit a variety of interesting museums, among which, for example, the National Museum is, which exhibits the world's largest collection of Oriental art.

Japanese culture is very different from western culture, it is versatile and often highly original, like the night life of Tokyo where everyone can find something for himself: from trendy cafes and restaurants, extravagant striptease bars, and discos. Tokyo is also known worldwide as a paradise for shoppers. In this metropolis, one can buy literally everything: from the latest technological innovations to Japanese souvenirs, or fashionable clothes. Tokyo has something to boast of in the field of gastronomy, there is hardly a man in the world who has never heard anything about the famous sushi or sashimi, but Japanese cuisine is very diverse and is displayed in details in Tokyo.

Sensodzi temple in the ancient district of Tokyo's Asakusa was erected in 628 AD to store the gold statue of the goddess of mercy. This is one of the most revered Buddhist temples, which has for centuries attracted pilgrims and tourists from all corners of the globe. It is believed that the smoke rising from the temple has a healing power. The well-known Thunder Gate is marked by its huge red paper lanterns and statues of guards. The path to the temple is lined with small shops selling traditional sweets and souvenirs.

The Imperial Palace was built in 1590 during the reign of Ieyasu, the first Tokugawa shogun dynasty. Over the centuries it has expanded steadily, becoming the biggest palace in the world. The inner palace courtyard is open to the public only two days a year: on January 2, at New Year, and on December 23, the birthday of the Emperor. Special attention is given to Niyubashi, a double stone arch bridge, which served as the main entrance to the palace. During the Second World War the palace was destroyed to be later rebuilt. Today, the imperial family still lives in the western part of the palace. The entrance to a beautiful, neatly designed park in the Imperial palace leads to a garden with a tea house, a pond and a waterfall.

Tokyo is known for a big number of futuristic development plans; it is popular due to numerous tourist complexes, parks and attractions. Fuji Television Center, the famous shopping and restaurant complex Decks Tokyo Beach and Exhibition Centre, Tokyo International Exhibition Center have become new symbols of the city. Tokyo was founded in the 15th century. Tourists certainly try to visit Tosegu temple, the Orthodox Cathedral of Resurrection, Ueno Park with a beautiful virtual exhibition at the Science Museum, the temple of the goddess Kannon, the National Theatre of Japan, and Tokyo Yoyogi Park. There are over 30 museums and particularly interesting galleries, with the National Museum of Contemporary Art, the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of plumbing, Bicycle Museum, the Museum of bags, and many others.

Tourists often visit Disneyland, as well as an observation deck on any of the tallest skyscrapers, Nihonbasi Japanese Bridge, and numerous churches and religious buildings.