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Miami is a city located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Florida. Miami is a major financial, economic, cultural center of the region, and the leader in arts, entertainment, and trade. Some years ago, Miami was named "America's Cleanest City" for its good air quality, green spaces, clean streets, clean drinking water. The Port of Miami, often called the "Cruise Capital of the World", is one of the most important cruise passenger ports in the world. It welcomes the world's largest ships and is the busiest in terms of sea traffic.

In the face of the city's natural beauty and landscapes, man-created Miami attractions seem to be less impressive. The most significant among them are James Deering's winter estate and Vizcaya, designed to look like authentic Italian villas; Denman Fink's Venetian Pool, a great variety of grottos, waterfalls and Mediterranean style of architecture. Recent pages of Miami's history are represented by such man-made attractions as the Holocaust Memorial, a beautiful museum whose bronze hand is raised with hope and despair, and the Wolfsonian, which tracks the connection between design, culture and politics. Splendid rainforest sceneries can be enjoyed in Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. Exotic birds can be studied in the Parrot Jungle Island where one will also see the feathered inhabitants' performances and hear their interesting calls.

Miami is a sub-tropical wonderland illuminated with golden sunshine and washed by the gentle sea. Its advantages of a place for vacations were understood in the beginning of the 20th century with the arrival of the railroad to the coast.

Miami beaches have always been in the list of the most desirable ones. They have always been associated with movies and celebrities. Jazz and salsa, fresh seafood, tropical fruit, glamorous nightclubs and restaurants are Miami's hottest spices.

The long list of Miami's sights includes a wide variety of venues to all tastes.

The Frost Art Museum has rich collections of American photography, artifacts of the Native Americans dating back to the 3rd-5th centuries, and a number of Latin American paintings. With exhibits of antique art, pottery, ceramics, and sculptures from Greek and Roman times, Renaissance, Baroque, Art of Asia and Latin America, the Lowe Art Museum offers much satisfaction to the art gourmands. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens comprises a museum building with art and furnishings, as well as a large garden area on Biscayne Bay.

In the 1920-s Denman Dink created a pool with a waterfall and two areas: for children and for adults. Nowadays it is a well-advertised swimming facility with a snack bar and lockers called Venetian Pool. The largest urban park in Florida is called Oleta River State Recreation Park. It has good opportunities for biking, swimming, canoeing, kayaking or having a picnic. Matheson Hammock Marina Grassy Park has a small harbor, a restaurant on the site of a historic coral rock building, and numerous picnic pavilions.

Miami MetroZoo, the oldest zoological garden in Florida, houses more than 1000 animals from Asia, Australia and Africa. The climate facilitates the local zoo in maintaining the animals' natural habitat. Miami Seaquarium is a 38-acre tropical island venue with marine shows and interesting exhibits just ten minutes away from downtown Miami.

Miami also has some important religious attractions. The Ancient Spanish Monastery has an interesting history. It was originally erected in Spain and was intended to a part of William Randolph Hearst's property in the USA, in California. Later it turned out that he had little money, and the United States did not want the monastery to be built in California, so it remained in New York. In 1954, a couple of businessmen bought the property, transported it and built the monastery in Miami. Parts of the monastery could not be assembled because the removed pieces went into wrong boxes and were mistaken when numbered. Nowadays the monastery is a church and a popular location for wedding ceremonies.