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It is difficult to describe in words all the charm of the Italian city standing on water, the filigree beauty of its cathedrals and palaces, the unique character of winding streets and canals decorated with graceful bridges. The sights of Venice, indeed, have to be seen personally, for there is hardly any other city to be compared with Venice, the world capital of romance.

In fact, Venice is a superb beach resort, an open-air museum and a highly developed tourist destination which offers a wide range of entertainment and a lot of impressions.

The history of Venice roots deep in the past centuries, when residents of the northern provinces of the Roman Empire, fleeing from the onslaught of the barbarians, moved to the islands of the Adriatic Sea, thus founding the last Latin settlement. The name of the city comes from the ancient Veneti tribe who had lived here until the Roman conquest.

Any place in Venice is an attraction by itself, but it is better to start getting acquainted with the city from Piazza San Marco, the favorite place of tourists and hundreds of pigeons, which are happy to be fed by visitors.

On the square, you will see the statue of a winged lion on a high column, the symbol of Venice. Here are some of the most important sights of the city: Cathedral of San Marco, the Doge's Palace, and the bell tower which is the tallest building in the city where the great Galileo found his first telescope. The Cathedral of San Marco impresses the visitors with its interior, decorated with sculptures, frescoes and mosaics, most of which were taken from the conquered by the Crusaders Constantinople. During the reign of Doge, it was the place where all decisions of the rulers were made and then announced from a stone in front of the temple.

Doge's Palace is another iconic landmark of Venice. It represents the pinnacle of the architectural elegance of the Venetian style. Outside the palace, one can see the balcony from which the doges appeared in front of the people. Inside, there is a hall of the Big Council, the Senate, with the Doge's throne, and other halls decorated with paintings of great Italian masters of painting. In the Armory Palace one can view a rare collection of antique military weapons.

There are many tour itineraries with visits to museums and galleries, but it is particularly popular with holidaymakers to enjoy the Grand Canal and the famous landmarks of Venice - churches, palaces and residential buildings of cultural and historical value seen on the banks of the Canal.

The visitors especially like tourist walk on the gondolas, flat-bottomed boats which are the traditional means of transportation in Venice, during which they can see not only the sights of the city center, but also explore the numerous bridges that seem to be hovering in the air.

Numerous attractions are located in Venice and the islands adjacent to the urban area. The island of San Giorgio, for example, is famous for the public church and the monastery of St. George. The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assuanta is the most popular attraction on the island of Torcello and its oldest monument.

Venice without a doubt can be called the cultural Mecca of Europe. It is the homeplace of such important events as the Venice Film Festival and the Biennale art exhibition. But the greatest event is definitely Venice Carnival, a mysterious and irresistibly joyful celebration held every year.