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Hamburg is proud of being independent since the times of Emperor Frederick Barbarossa. "Free Hanseatic City of Hamburg" is the official name of this city, reminiscent of its merchant and burgher origin. What is also remarkable is the city's being a separate federal state in Germany. From the main station of St. George, one can have a leisurely walk down the street Menzhberg, where the main attractions of Hamburg start from. There are many large department stores and small, but expensive stores here leading to the Old Town Square.

Some of the defensive buildings are preserved from the most ancient part of the city located on Deichstrasse. There are not many old houses after the devastation of World War II. The locals carefully preserve the surviving architectural landmarks in Hamburg. For example, there is a magnificent town hall built in Renaissance style, where the visitors are readily taken to excursions. The Germans are proud of the fact that this house has more rooms than Buckingham Palace in Britain. Near the walls of the City Hall, there is a lake with swans. The City Hall is adjacent to a house in the style of late Classicism. This is the stock exchange, the oldest institution of such type in Northern Europe.

Hamburg's Church of the Archangel Michael is perhaps the most beautiful of all the Baroque churches in Germany. "Michael", as it is often nicknamed, is represented on the coat of arms of the city. When in the cathedral, one must necessarily take the elevator to the observation platform which is located on the height of 82 meters: there you will discover a panoramic view of the port. And next to the church the visitors will see another landmark of Hamburg - the monument to Bismarck. The "Iron Chancellor" had been temporarily living in the estate near Hamburg.

In Hamburg, buildings designed during the Classicism and Baroque periods are combined with high-tech port cranes and docks. The port attracts not only merchant ships and logistics infrastructure, but many onlookers. Every year, 12 000 ships come here.

From the distant 1358, Hamburg millionaires have been meeting at the Stock Exchange, which is located on Adolfsplatz. It has long been known in Europe that the local "money bags" are experienced economists. They are often half a step closer to signing various beneficial agreements than their rivals. Upon the whole, the city is the largest center of foreign trade and banking in the European Union. Therefore, its inhabitants are the people from business, and the modern attractions of Hamburg fully show it. The motto of the city is a well-known aphorism "to be, and not to seem".

Hamburg is the capital of the press and mass media throughout Germany. Here are the headquarters of the major book and newspaper publishers, such as Der Spiegel and Stern magazines, and the Bild newspaper.

This city can afford itself rather ambitious projects. For example, the area of 155 hectares will be the site of a new neighborhood which will increase the area of the city by 40% immediately. Hamburg merchants, manufacturers and ship owners could invest their money successfully, and have always been generous benefactors. Thanks to their donations, the city opened the first public opera house in Germany in 1678. The Gallery of Contemporary avant-garde art is also frequented by tourists. It was built on the site of the market of flowers and vegetables.

The city has many cultural and non-standard repositories. One can mention the Customs Museum, the Museum of Electricity, the Museum of ancient dolls and even the Museum of sanitation. Hamburg is also known for its Reeperbahn entertainment center which creates a striking contrast with the other attractions of the restrained city of shipowners, bankers and businessmen.