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Zurich is the largest city and economic center of Switzerland. The number of inhabitants is 340.000 people which is not typical in comparison with other European capitals. Almost one third part of all its residents comprises people from other countries who have come to Switzerland due to its liberal tax policy. The city is situated on the banks of the Limmat river and Lake Zurich. The city is primarily known in the world as a city of banks and a business center, but it has something special to offer its guests: museums, shops, designer clothes, parks and vibrant nightlife. Thus, the city is a must-see for all the tourists.

One of the most famous sights in Zurich is the building of the railway station, built in 1871 in Neo-Renaissance style with breathtaking samples of modern sculpture. The grandest one is the sculpture of the guardian angel of the city created by the French sculptor Niki de Saint Phalle. Made in bright, vivid colors, it contrasts the gray tones of the building. In front of the station, there is a large stone monument to Alfred Escher, the financier, politician and statesman, the founder of the bank, the man who has done a lot for the construction and development of railways in Switzerland. Under the building, there is a modern shopping center.

Fraumunster, the former monastery church, is located on the Munsterhof square. It was founded by the grandson of Charlemagne, Ludwig the German. It was a gift to his daughter Hildegarde who became an abbess of the convent. Over the centuries, the church has undergone many changes. Its appearance clearly demonstrates a mixture of different architectural styles - from early Gothic to late Romanesque style. Fraumunster Church is known primarily for its five stained glass windows designed by Marc Chagall, each of which has its own theme and its own color. The Monastery gave way to the Town Hall, and everything that was left after it is a covered gallery around the cloister.

Grossmunster Cathedral is the largest cathedral in Zurich. According to the legend, it was founded by the Charlemagne at the beginning of 9th century on the site of the tomb of Felix and Regula, the Christian martyrs who had been executed by the Romans, but miraculously rose and, with their heads in their hands, ascended the hill, where they prayed, and only then died. The very place of this miracle was then chosen for the cathedral. The construction of the Roman-Gothic church began in 1100 and was not completed until the 15th century.

Fluntern Cemetery (Friedhof Fluntern) is well-known because of the tomb of James Joyce, an Irish writer, a pacifist who found refuge in Switzerland. Kunsthaus Art Museum is one of the most significant museums in Zurich. It resembles other museums in larger cities since it has many temporary exhibitions which were displayed in London's Tate Modern. The permanent exhibition includes a rich collection of sculptures by Alberto Dzhiakometti as well as works by Monet, Van Gogh, and sculptures by Rodin. In addition, the museum provides an opportunity to learn something about Swiss art, its history and present-day development. The Opera House in Zurich was the first European opera house with electric lighting. The Neo-Baroque building, erected in 1891, was visited by the most respected choreographers and musicians in the world.

Zurich Museum of Design is a curious place in which the very notion of 'design' is interpreted widely enough. The visitors of the museum will see a huge number of unexpected collections and ideas.