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The historic city of Vienna is known as the city of "the Blue Danube", the world's music capital and the city of magnificent palaces, museums, spacious squares, parks, and cozy cafes.

A sightseeing tour of Vienna can be started from the Vienna State Opera. It was designed in the style of Austrian Baroque and located on the famous Ring, a wide avenue encircling the center of Vienna. If a person is not a connoisseur of architectural styles, it will be difficult for him to see the entire splendor of the building apart from usual critical remarks, such as "nice - not nice." But the Vienna Opera House is beautiful, and the critics become speechless when they see it.

Stefansdom is a world-famous cultural heritage, the building which does not fear any comparison. This is an exciting church, the national symbol of Austria and Vienna. Since Stefansdom is the church, services are held every day and on all major holidays. The bell of the church is called Pummerin. It notifies the people of Vienna about the church holidays. The uniqueness of the cathedral makes it the city's cultural, historical, and archaeological treasure. Every detail has its purpose and history here: the altar, gates, towers, and columns. Stefansdom is full of mysteries: on the walls one can see amazing drawings whose meaning is not fully known. The Cathedral has two towers, equipped with an elevator. In addition, the visitors can descend into the catacombs. Stefansdom is one of the great cathedral structures in the world; it was built, rebuilt, restored over many centuries, and its history is inseparable from the history of Vienna and Austria.

High Market Area is the most ancient part of Vienna. Under its pavement, the archaeologists have discovered the remains of Roman settlements. It is also believed that it was here that the glorious Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius died from plague in 180.

In the Middle Ages this place was turned into a noisy fish market. Once there was a scaffold, and the verdicts were announced from the balcony. Just a little over 150 years ago, the city wall surrounded the city center. In 1857, Emperor Franz Joseph I decided to demolish the medieval fortifications that protected the earlier center of Vienna and found a splendid boulevard around the city center. That is how the famous Ringstrasse appeared.

The City Hall, the University, the State Opera, Burgtheater, Parliament, and numerous museums on Ringstrasse street attract the attention of tourists to Vienna's beautiful buildings, parks, and other attractions. The Houses of Parliament, the City Hall and the University were built by famous architects at the same time, but in completely different styles.

The building of Austrian Parliament is performed in the Greek style, thus pointing to the origin and home of some of the ideas of statehood. The University represents Renaissance as the period of humanism and free science, while the City Hall is built in Gothic style to make it as impressive as possible. The Houses of Parliament are among the most beautiful and successful architectural decisions.

The City Hall was completed in 1868 with the participation of 64 renowned architects from different countries. The place is dominated by the 98-meter tower of the City Hall which is surrounded by the four 61-meter towers. To get on the platform and see the panorama of the city, the visitors need to ascend 256 steps. The top of the tower is decorated with the famous figure of the guardian which became a symbol of Vienna. The figure of the knight in full armor is affectionately called "Rathausmann". The City Hall is richly decorated with sculptures and surrounded by a beautiful park which is often called an oasis among the rocks.

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