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Melbourne is the southernmost cultural and sports center of Australia distinguished by its unique architecture. Over 170 years of its existence have been marked by continuous growth from a tiny village to one of the most populated cities on Australian continent. In the Victorian era there were a lot of miners, bankers and entrepreneurs here, as well as people from other countries who were hunting for an easy prey. During the global gold rush, Melbourne was the capital of the Australian Federation. At those times, it gained a lot of old buildings and a treasure house built in the style of an Italian castle. The Treasury still adorns the center of the city and is now a museum.

Modern Melbourne is a very lively metropolitan area. Festivals, carnivals and parades take place in the city regularly. Melbourne is considered to be the sports capital of Australia. In Melbourne, there is the world-class tennis complex "Melbourne Park", where the Australian Open tennis tournament is held annually giving a start to the grand slam tennis season in January. Melbourne's Albert Park is the place where one of the races of the Formula 1world championship takes place. One of the most interesting sights is the Melbourne Aquarium, located in the heart of the city on the banks of the Yarra River. Within the walls of the famous aquarium there is a wide variety of marine creatures from the gray nurse shark to the sub-Antarctic Gentoo penguins. Here you can see the world's first "circular aquarium" which creates an unusual realistic sensation of the underwater world surrounding the visitors.

Melbourne Museum also belongs to the category of interesting attractions, not only of the city, but the entire Australian continent. It contains seven main galleries, a children's gallery for visitors from 3 to 8 years old, and a three-level gallery for temporary exhibitions. Melbourne Museum has won the title of the largest museum in southern hemisphere.

Melbourne Zoo is the oldest zoo in Australia. It is located 4 km from the city center. It contains more than 320 species of various animals from around the world. It plays an important role in preserving the species of Australian animals, and there is a large section for students interested in saving animals. The zoo also has a huge area with flower meadows and sites for picnics and leisure. Its territory is divided into bioclimatic zones. One cannot but mention the "Penguin Parade" on Philip Island. Immediately after sunset, an armada of miniature penguins walk out of the ocean and head in a line to their dwellings. This unforgettable show will leave no one indifferent.

Admirers of extreme excursions will have a chance to visit Melbourne's prison. Visits are organized at night by candlelight. For fans of the Wild West there is also a trip to the gold rush village of Sovereign Hill.

The city is known for its mild and very pleasant climate. Almost all spring, summer and autumn, or rather from October to April, the average temperature here is 24 degrees Celsius. In summer you can also enjoy a swim in the ocean. Melbourne is a great city for tourists of all ages, able to please people with completely different needs. Melbourne is often called "The most liveable city on earth".

Melbourne is a very unusual place where one can see a skyscraper, with its roof resting in the sky, and a group of neat two-storey dwelling houses immediately nearby. The bulk of the population are rather wealthy and live in mansions or luxurious apartments in the skyscrapers downtown. The city can also boast the largest casino in Australia. In the vicinity of the casino, there are expensive restaurants and shops which are also worth looking at. If you want to have dinner, you can find lots of venues offering Italian, Greek and Asian food.

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