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Dublin is a place frequented by tourists irrespective of the time of year. It tells a wonderful story about the history and culture of Ireland and displays the best sights this country can offer. Traditional tourist routes include excursions to a great number of memorable places: Trinity College, Dublin Castle, the Cathedral of St.Patrick and others.

Dublin is the capital of Ireland and can be proud of a high concentration of historical and architectural attractions. Due to them, we can trace the entire history of the state from the earliest times, when this land was inhabited by the Vikings, and to the present day, when the architecture deals with metal and glass more than with stone, and art is no longer dominated by classical trends.

Dublin is divided by the river Liffey into two parts, and virtually all the conventional tours around the city include the tourist landmarks located on the south side of this river. The most significant destination here is Trinity College. The college represents a conglomeration of old buildings built here in the late 16th century, according to the projects which had been personally approved by Queen Elizabeth I. Every tourist tends to see the local bell tower and the main pride of Trinity College, which is stored in the Library, - Book of Kelly. This volume is valuable not only for the Irish capital, but for the cultural heritage of the world since it was written in 800 BC. Sightseeing tours in Ireland will necessarily acquaint the visitors with this masterpiece.

No less interesting places of the south bank are considered to be St. Patrick's Cathedral, built in 1190-1225 on the site of baptism of the local population, and Christ Church Cathedral, a building which has the details of Danish wooden churches of the 11th century preserved. St. Patrick's Hall as the place of inauguration of the president of Ireland is another important attraction as well as the Church of St. Anne that was built in Roman-Lombard style in 1868. The northern tower of the church remained unfinished. Chester Beatty Library in Dublin has a unique collection of ancient papyri, Islamic manuscripts, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and other Oriental art objects, some of the ancient texts of the Bible and other Christian manuscripts.

In addition, the tours to Ireland will certainly offer its tourists to visit Dublin Castle. It was founded in 1204 by King John and is known for its unusual architecture which has so little resemblance to the classical architecture of castles. Dublin Castle is more like a palace with high defensive qualities. Only one tower here is preserved in its original form, but other edifices will be of great interest to the toursits as well.

Lovers of museums feel at home in Dublin due to so many venues to be visited and admired: the Museum of Heraldry, the National Museum, Dublin City Museum which displays the entire history of the city, and the National Art Gallery which is famous for its Italian collection. The most common style of architecture in Dublin is Georgian. And the best samples of this style are on the streets and squares of Ely Place, Merrion, Fitzwilliam, St Stephens Green.

The northern bank of Dublin also has something to draw the traveler. For example, here are four buildings of the Court constructed in the late 18th century. Many trips to Dublin offer the tourists to climb the observation deck of the main building and have a look at the wonderful view of the city. One cannot but mention the entertainment venues: Irish pubs, small restaurants and trendy shops which will make the time in Dublin merry and relaxing.