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Washington D.C.
Washington DC is not only the capital of the USA, it is a city of rich historical and cultural heritage, and a sacred place for all Americans. It has a big number of architectural monuments. One of the most significant is the Capitol, built in the original Corinthian style. The construction of this grand edifice was conducted in late 18th and 19th centuries. Street Mall is decorated with greenery, it originates from the Capitol, leading to the waterfront of the Potomac River. Mall adjoins the White House, the government building and at the same time the presidential residence, built by the famous American architects. The dominant architectural style used in the construction of buildings for government and various embassies was European classicism. Almost all the official buildings of the capital are located in the north-western part. In Washington, there are rules that prohibit erecting a building higher than the Capitol so that urban buildings would not overshadow each other. It creates an unmistakable outline of the city which conveys a sense of comfort and protectedness.

Among the most remarkable sculptured works there is the monument to George Washington, the first President; Abraham Lincoln, a distinguished statesman and President, popular for his struggle against slavery; Thomas Jefferson, the statesman and diplomat, and many others. The monument to Abraham Lincoln is very unusual. It is a grand temple construction, supported by 36 columns. Each of these columns represents the number of states that were part of the state on the day of the death of President Lincoln.

The building of the Tax Court of the United States of America is also of some architectural value. The construction of a very impressive building of the Dulles airport refers to the period of modernity and is a symbol of the city's business activity.

The capital city is the homeplace of several universities, including the one named after George Washington. Among other higher educational institutions of the city one can mention the Military Academy and the Higher School of Agriculture. One of the largest libraries not only in the city, but throughout the world is the Library of Congress.

Arlington, located on the right bank of the Potomac River, houses the Pentagon and the National Cemetery, where there are graves of many famous statesmen and soldiers. American soldiers who died during the wars in which the United States participated are buried in Arlington Cemetery.

In Washington, there is also the National Academy of Sciences and an observatory. Among the largest academic institutions in the city one should name the complex of the Smithsonian Institute, which includes research institutes, art galleries and a zoo. The most famous scientific societies include American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Society for Nature Conservation, the National Geographic Society and many others.

The museums of Washington include a great variety of venues, but the most peculiar are the National Museum of the U.S. which contains an interesting exposition of the historical, archaeological, and ethnographic exhibits; the National Museum of aeronautics and astronautics; the National Gallery of Art which exhibits the outstanding works of artists from Europe and America; the National Historical Wax Museum; the National Collection of Fine Arts and the National Portrait Gallery. The capital city also draws the tourists to a huge theatrical center named after John F. Kennedy.

Washington is a splendid choice for the tourists to get a quiet impression of the United States of America. The city has all possible attractions and is so different from the bustling megapolis of New York or Chicago that one can fail to believe that it is one and the same country.