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Sharm El Sheikh
The Sharm El Sheikh resort is located in the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula and consists of several bays. The resort is stretched along the seashore for a few tens of picturesque kilometers.

Naama Bay is the most popular place for tourists; it is represented by a wonderful harbor with a big number of prestigious hotels, night clubs, casinos, restaurants, sports grounds, diving centers and shops. It is home to more than half of resort hotels. Its beaches are sandy and have a convenient access to the sea without coral reefs. Sharm El Maiya Bay is also well-known due to its beaches and hotels.

The northernmost area is called Ras Mus Rani. It is adjacent to the international airport which delivers tens of thousands of holidaymakers from many countries all year round. In general, this part of Sharm El Sheikh has no special tourist infrastructure, but here one can relax in such hotels as Le Meridien, Coral Beach Montazar, Four Seasons, Movenpick and others.

All along the beach of Naama Bay there stretches Promenade - a long pedestrian street with cafes, restaurants, bars, shops, and discos. In the southern part of Naama Bay, there are shopping and entertainment facilities that make Sharm El Sheikh famous for its nightlife. Naama Bay is the best place to exchange dollars for the Egyptian pound, unless it is Friday as a traditional day off and Saturday which is often referred to as "unspecified". Here, the tourists will find a number of duty-free shops where the foreigners can purchase items connected with Egyptian culture and habitat. And in the evening and at night, the most popular night clubs and casinos begin their work in Naama Bay.

The southernmost area of the resort is called Ras Um Sid. Here, the level of the hotels is rather high since they began to be erected not long ago. The most expensive and prestigious are the Hilton Waterfalls, Ritz Carlton, Iberotel Grand Sharm, and others.

Opposite the Dreams Beach Hotel, there is a new theme park "One Thousand and One Night". The hotel district is connected with Naama Bay due to numerous minibuses. As a rule, almost all hotels provide guests with a shuttle-bus for free.

Sharm El Sheikh is a kind of Mecca for snorkellers. That is why it is home to the National Marine Park of Ras Mohammed. Ras Mohamed is the first national marine park in Egypt, founded in 1989. It is located 25 kilometers to the south-west of Sharm El Sheikh and is easily accessible by car or taxi.

The park has many geological features: coral reefs rising above the sea level, plateaus, dry riverbeds, granite, sand mountains and dunes. Ras Mohamed is home to many animals: foxes and gazelles, reptiles and migratory birds. Mangroves provide a good opportunity for the birds to hatch chicks. The diversity of the inhabitants of coral reefs is unlimited. You will be given a mask, fins and a tube that will help you witness the rich colors and forms of underwater life. A kind of pristine beauty of the untouched nature will be remembered for a lifetime. Indeed, Ras Mohamed is one of the most famous and unique reserves in the world.

An interesting phenomenon of Sinai nature is the hot springs. They are located along the western coast of the peninsula, near the highway leading to Sharm El Sheikh. The best known of them are the Sources of Moses. According to a Biblical tradition, when the prophet Moses led the children of Israel along the bottom of the Red Sea, they got tired and thirsty. All of a sudden, the springs appeared from under the ground. Near the town of Tor there is also Moses bath.