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Surrounded by hills, Geneva is known for its numerous gardens and parks which are situated along the lake. It also draws the tourists into its legendary Museum of Swiss watches. Geneva can rightfully be called one of the most interesting and beautiful cities in Europe.

For centuries, the major attractions have been concentrated in luxurious Geneva's parks and gardens, occupying the area of ??300 hectares. One of the most famous attractions is the English garden on the bank of Lake Geneva. Its main attraction, the huge floral clock, is one of the most recognizable symbols of Geneva which embodies a long tradition of Swiss watchmakers. Having a diameter of 5 meters and 6500 flowers in its composition, the floral clock blooms throughout the summer, changing the color palette every month and resulting in a complete delight of many visitors.

Not far from the famous clock face, there is a fountain which was built in the 19th century in honor of the anniversary of the accession of Geneva to the Swiss Confederation. The boulevards, stretching along the banks of the Lake, are decorated with almost 40 thousand rose bushes. On the left bank one can find La Grange Park with its famous rose garden, laid down on the occasion of the International Exhibition of Roses, regularly held in Geneva.

On the right bank of the Lake there are some other parks: Mon Repos, Perle du Lac, Arianna, Barton and Geneva Botanical Garden located a few hundred meters away from the building of the European headquarters of the UN. It is a tropical conservatory which has become one of the main attractions of Geneva.

Botanical Garden is a true open-air museum, which shows the vegetation from around the world: a mountainous, tropical and Mediterranean flora, a collection of conifers and deciduous trees, many flowers. Amid all the splendor and colors, there is a unique greenhouse in the form of the Capitol with deer and pink flamingos in the park, ponds, outdoor cafes, and small shops with interesting souvenirs.

Among the most outstanding Geneva's sights one can definitely mention the Museum of Swiss watches which displays an amazing collection of clocks and watches throughout the whole period of watchmaking in Switzerland. The exhibition of the Geneva Museum of the Old Town includes a mini-model of Geneva of the 19th century. One can also have a look at the Geneva Grand Theatre, the architecture of which is very reminiscent of the Paris Opera.

The view of the Old City is dominated by the magnificent Romanesque cathedral of Saint-Pierre, and its north tower offers a great panorama of Geneva. One of the most important sights of the city is a huge 140-meter fountain spouting from the bottom of Lake Geneva. This is the highest fountain in Europe which can be seen from many parts of the city.

Incidentally, one of the islands of Lake Geneva bears the name of the famous philosopher and a Geneva native-born Jean Jacques Rousseau, who had a significant impact on public thinking and literature in many countries.

Locals and visitors can admire various festivals and entertainment programs which are also called the most impressive sights of Geneva. In March, for example, there is an international Geneva Motor Show, and in June Lake Geneva welcomes more than 500 yachts for an international event. In August, Geneva Festival, the biggest festive event for the city, takes place. The festival collects at least a million guests each year who come and admire the best of what Geneva can offer.