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Those who have never been to Orlando will never believe the city is literally a single impressive park. 'Disneylands' of Los Angeles, Paris, Spain and Tokyo taken together will constitute nearly a half of all Orlando's parks. Its "Disney's World" is built not only for children, but for adults as well: it has six fields for golf, "The Island of Fun" with night attractions, clubs, and dance halls. Here, all countries and world landmarks are represented in their own American version. Names of parks speak for themselves and advertise their numerous advantages. Disney-MGM studios in Orlando are incredibly popular, and the visitors come here to see their favorite cartoon characters.

All the animals of the deep sea - from polar Arctic bears to the inhabitants of tropical seas - are represented in the "Sea World" - the most popular marine park in the USA. Here one can observe the life of sea lions, sharks, and giant turtles, admire the colorful exotic fish and see the amazing dolphin show.

In the parks, there are numerous hotels which welcome the visitors into a closed self-sufficient little world. These hotels are a little more expensive than in Orlando, but each of them is a little attraction by itself. There is even a musical hotel called DisneyXs All Star Music. Its pools are in the shape of a guitar or piano, and everything is devoted to music: Broadway, jazz, country, rock. The only flaw of the parks is that there are no natural lakes in them.

Once in Orlando, one cannot miss the opportunity to visit the Kennedy Space Centre, located in Cape Canaveral. Here one can explore the launch platform from which the "Apollo"spacecrafts were launched, and visit the Space Hall of Fame. The children and adults cannot go past the pavilions of Universal Studios where they can become the participants of the "shooting" adventure for a new movie.

The "Walt Disney's World" amusement park is the best center for recreation. It occupies the area of ??110 square kilometers. Every year, the park is visited by 30 million guests, and 31 thousand employees work in it. Cypress Gardens are a world-known park with more than 8000 plants growing here. The Gardens represent the flora of various countries and epochs. It is a constant place of ice shows and flower festivals. Orlando's Discovery Island is known for its unique selection of animals from around the world: kangaroos, flamingos, storks, parrots, deer and porcupines. This wonderful place invites the people to take part in a safari: an open carriage takes the visitors to the sultry world of faraway African savannah. There one can see wandering giraffes, rhinos, hippos, lions and even gorillas. Royal Forest Asia provides a journey into the mysterious jungles and to ancient ruins. Here, one can sail down the river past waterfalls and swift magic geysers.

MGM Studio with its pavilions serve as one of the most famous attractions. Here one can get acquainted with the cartoonists, see how they work, and take a ride on a movie train. People who like extreme impressions will most probably scream of fear and terror when they fly at the height of 13 floors in an elevator of the Tower of Terror.

The best water parks of the city are called Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. Typhoon Lagoon is a picturesque place of winding streams, gurgling rapids, and beautiful rivers. In the middle of the park, there is a nearly 100-meter mountain with 9 water slides. Going down one of them can be a breathtaking experience. This park is filled with various water attractions which make it very interesting for both adults and children.