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Warsaw is the capital of Poland, as well as its geographical, political, and cultural center. The city is located on both banks of the Vistula River. Warsaw is traditionally considered one of the most beautiful cities in Central Europe, though it was virtually wiped out during World War II being destroyed by 84%. It took Poland about 15 years to completely restore the entire city. Today, Warsaw experiences a period of recovery and develops steadily, while retaining its unique atmosphere. The Cathedral of St. Jan is Warsaw's prominent attraction and the pantheon of prominent Poles. The Cathedral of St. Ian is considered to be one of the oldest monuments of religious architecture in Warsaw whereas the city's Royal Castle is the symbol of Polish statehood and the place where the Constitution was adopted. The most beautiful streets of Warsaw form the so-called Royal Route connecting the three royal residences: the Royal Castle, Lazenkovsky palace with a park, and a palace at Wilanow. The Royal Castle, carefully rebuilt after wartime destruction, is the former residence of the last king of Poland. Lazenkovsky park has a lot of buildings in the classicist style. The Theater on the Water captivates the visitors with its beauty. It is surrounded by a park pond and a monument to Frederic Chopin which is the place where famous pianists give concerts during the summer months.

At Castle Square, one can see the oldest monument in Warsaw, a column of Sigismund III Vasa. It had been standing there for three centuries before it was destroyed during the war. The monument is now restored in the same place. The Royal Route, so popular among tourists, begins from Castle Square and the academic church of St. Anne. Not far from the place there is the tomb of the unknown soldier. The Royal Route includes some of the most popular streets in Warsaw and leads past the Lazienki residence to Wilanow.

Lazienki was the summer residence of the last Polish king Stanislaw August Poniatowski. Wilanow used to be the residence of Stanislaw Kostka Potocki, who did much to adorn the palace and create its art collection. A park with romantic landscapes complements the beauty of the palace. In this place, one will also find a big number of old houses, palaces, Warsaw University, and luxurious shops. There are much more beautiful monuments and a variety of attractions to visit in Warsaw. The capital has nearly a thousand of historical monuments, but Lazienki, Wilanow, and the Old City are included in the UNESCO list of global importance. The Palace at Wilanow is a perfect example of baroque buildings in Poland. It used to be the residence of King Jan III Sobieski, the famous defender of Europe in a battle with Turkish forces. Warsaw, as any European capital, offers a variety of entertainment events in drama and other theaters, musical revue, festivals, films, operas, with the participation of world famous artists, pop bands and other kinds of musical culture.

The Old City and the market are surrounded by ancient houses. Here one can see a lot of artists and tourists. Tourists visit the Old City to admire the beauty of Gothic churches, facades of Renaissance and Baroque stone houses. Homes of wealthy burghers of Warsaw make the visitors delighted. Cafes and restaurants are extremely popular, but there is always a place for new visitors.

Over the past years, Warsaw turned into a modern European capital which is worth visiting. It offers the tourists a great variety of historical attractions and cultural venues which make the trip to Poland an unforgettable experience.