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Hong Kong
Hong Kong is called the New York of Asia although it has even more skyscrapers than many American cities. Hong Kong comprises huge islands like Hong Kong, Kowloon, New Territories, and a number of small islands. Cityscapes of Hong Kong surpass the imagination, especially in the evening, but apart from that there is something to see and to visit.

Hong Kong is one of the world trade centers, so most guests visit it for commercial purposes. But at the same time it is one of the centers of cultural and sports activities in the region. A lot of artistic and theatrical groups from all over the world come here. It hosts numerous exhibitions and expositions, sports events and international festivals. And any time of day, life is so busy here. It is also very easy to find entertainment for the soul. However, it is difficult to believe that this tiny territory has about 600 temples, monasteries and shrines, inhabited by many different ethnic groups, and there are secluded uninhabited islands with cozy beaches. A trip to Hong Kong can have a great recreational, cultural, and historical interest. 22 beautiful suburban parks, the area of which is about 40% of the whole territory of Hong Kong, give this super-urban city some special charm.

All island tours to Hong Kong usually begin with the "Star Ferry" across Victoria Bay. Victoria Park should be visited to reach its highest point with a funicular and see one of the most beautiful views of the island. The district of Aberdeen has a lot of magnificent floating restaurants and a "city on the water". In the central region, the tourists can visit one of the most expensive buildings in the world - the headquarters of the Hong Kong Bank, Exhibition Centre Hong Kong and the fifth largest in the world skyscraper Central Plaza with an observation platform. This part of Hong Kong is home to the building of the Legislative Council built in British colonial style, the Cathedral of St. John on Garden Road, the original districts of Wanchai and Causeway Bay as recognized centers of commerce and nightlife. Here one can also see the best beaches, Stanley fishing village with the Tin Howe temple, and the Central Market with its famous temple of Man Mo, the "Ocean Park" with the world's largest coral reef aquarium, an ethnographic park which reproduces the life and history of ancient China, the Zoological and Botanical Gardens and many others.

Hong Kong is widely known for its interesting local museums: the Art Center Pao on Harbor Road, the Museum of Medical Sciences, the Museum of horseracing, Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in Victoria Park, the Police Museum, the Tsui Art Museum, and the Lau Uk Folklore Museum.

Kowloon Peninsula is a bridge to the island of Hong Kong, so the level of its business activity is ver high. The temples Tsim Sha Tsui and Wong Tai are the spiritual center of this part of Hong Kong. Kowloon has the famous Cultural Centre, the Museum of Science, Nathan Road shopping street, and a variety of shops, restaurants, bars, etc.

New Territories in the north area are radically different from the rest of Hong Kong - there are no "concrete jungle" business districts, tourist crowds and the noise of the city. This is the realm of rural landscapes, ancient fishing villages, beautiful landscapes, picturesque monasteries, museums, and bays with crystal clear waters and white sand beaches. Although one third of the population of Hong Kong lives in the new towns, there are several scenic spots, including the Sai Kung Peninsula in the east which is an unspoiled corner of nature and is a favorite place for travelers, hikers, swimmers, and fans to travel by boat.